DISCLAIMER RE FOOD ALLERGIES OR INTOLERANCES: Dumpling Mania / Lou Wong  / dumplingmania is unable to cater for any food allergies and intolerances. I am unable to guarantee any products used in my recipes are free of nuts.  Some products may contain traces of nuts or msg. CARWARI Toasted sesame oil has on the label: May contain traces of tree nuts. It’s cold-pressed from Central American Sesame and is a product of Mexico (but is a Japanese brand Carwari);Yeo’s sesame oil  has no mention of ‘tree nuts’. (product of Singapore)  Other sauces or products used in which there is no mention of nuts on the label:  Lee Kum Kee or Megachef Oyster sauce; Kikkoman or Pearl River Soy Sauce:  La Pedriza Grapeseed oil, Al Arz Tahini/Sesame paste;  Chinkiang Black vinegar (glutinous rice, wheat bran, salt, sugar).

“…people would riot….”

June 24, 2014   as seen in The Herald Sun &

Where to whip up your kitchen skills in Melbourne…here are our picks for some of Melbourne’s best courses to do this winter.

“Winter cooking is different to other seasons,” says Rob Large from the CAE. And he would know. As CAE course product developer, he’s in charge of putting together the popular range of Winter Warmer courses at the college. “We’ve got 10 new courses this coming season…trends come and go, but there’s a couple of our classes we can never take off,” Rob says. “Spanish tapas has been on for about four or five years, and if we would ever take our Essential Dumpling course off, people would riot.”

Recipe: Slaw of radish, fennel & grape-fruit

RECIPE: Radish, fennel, ruby red grapefruit

  • Radishes: Using the Japanese mandolin, grate the radishes
  • Fennel: Cut into paper thin slices.
  • Ruby red grapefruit: cut into chunks.
  • Dressing : 1 T (tablespoon) Sherry vinegar, 2 T olive oil (virgin of course), 2 tsp Dijon mustard, a dash of ruby red grapefruit juice. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds, freshly ground black pepper and ground cinnamon.



Trupp Cooking School: Private Dumpling Class 2013

Trupp Cooking School Dumpling class 20130629

 “I had a fantastic afternoon. The dumplings were delicious, the surroundings delightful and the company warm and stimulating.”

“On a cold winter’s evening, dumplings shared with friends, handmade by ourselves, made a  delicious meal which we will remember for a  long time.”

“You were very calm and patient with everyone, explaining ingredients and procedure so well. Every little dumpling, no matter what the shape was delicious. Practice makes perfect. “

Saturday, 29/6/2013: an enjoyable day was had by the knife-wielding, apron-clad women who chopped, pleated, filled and ate many dumplings.   Doreen, Anne, Liz, Sue, Linda, Treena, Jacinta, Margot, Megan, and Bronwen (my unofficial helper) all became expert dumpling makers.  Best apron award goes to Doreen.

Thanks to Walter and Dorota for generously hosting my charity dumpling class at their sumptuous Trupp Cooking School, a warm and inviting place,  to my pal extraordinaire Deb who helped before, during and after the class with editing my notes, shopping, chopping, driving and washing (lots of it) and to my husband Peter for taking many great photos.

This class was made possible by S.Edleston and friends, who organised the donation to the annual Ron Evans Golf Day and Doreen’s partner who was the successful bidder at the Silent Auction. Funds raised by this class were  donated to Monash Institute of Medical Research.