How to line a bamboo basket

To line a steamer / steaming basket (which can be bamboo or stainless steel) you will need:

Parchment paper, also known as baking paper. Use a good quality one like Multix or Glad. Cheap paper will fall apart or tear easily.


It is perfectly fine to re-use them on the one day you are steaming as long as they are intact and free of dumpling residue.  Between each use you may want to blot it dry with a tea towel.

READYMADE LINERS:  Asian stores such as Unicorn Kitchenware sell pre-cut circles of paper with holes cut out.

REUSABLE COTTON LINERS: if you sew or know someone who does, make one from unbleached sheer woven cotton (overlockstitch the edge to keep it from unraveling). Make a few and wash and iron them after each session of dumpling-making.


Here are the 10 easy steps:

1. Cut a length of baking paper that is wide enough to fit inside your steaming basket.
Q measure

 2. Fold the paper into quarters (in half and then again). Crease the folds so that the paper lays flat.

Q fold qtrs

3.  Place the folded corner of the parchment paper on the centre of the basket.  

Q centre bskt

4.  Push the paper into the basket and use your fingertips to crimp the paper along the curved inside edge of the basket.

Q crimp

5.  Remove the paper from the basket.  It should look like this, with the curved edge visible.

Q now crimped

 6.  Cut along the curved crimp. Discard the excess paper so that you are left with a folded piece of paper shaped like a slice.

Q cut round

7.  Fold two more times so that you have a thin wedge shape (so it’s the shape of a slice of pizza).  

Q fold 2 X

8.  Using scissors, clip holes along the folded edges of the paper.

Q snip snip9.  Unfold paper and you will now have a circle of paper with holes in it.  (Remember doing this in kindergarten?)

Q unfold10.  Place this inside the steaming basket to prevent your dumplings from sticking to the basket.

Q place into bskt