Trupp Cooking School

It is very inspiring to discover a chef who is generous with his knowledge.  The Trupp Cooking School  offers an extensive range of classes about cooking and nutrition.  Located near Prahran Market, this inviting space was created by Walter Trupp and his nutritionist wife, Dorota.  There is a long benchtop/counter around which a small group of students can sit comfortably.  Any seat is a good seat – an unobstructed view can be had from any angle.   My husband and I enrolled in the class Knife Skills,   as we each have our own knives – he has Aritsugu carbon steel knives, handmade with wood and bone handles and I have a hand-me-down cleaver and a sharp and shiny Shun knife (I don’t use his knives and he doesn’t use mine).  Walter demonstrates and explains the techniques to julienne, chop, cut,  bone, etc. as well as the proper way to sharpen knives.  He passed around knives so that we could feel the difference between a knife that is of excellent, good or poor quality.  He discussed cutting boards and how to wash them thoroughly to prevent contamination.  Walter encourages questions and is very engaging.  He stepped out from behind the counter to check each person’s efforts as we practiced on the fruits/vegetables with the supplied knives and board.  I highly recommend this class for those keen to learn from a real expert.  I purchased  the book Trupps’ Wholefood Kitchen – Eat well, live well, feel great to which I’ve already begun to affix post-it notes. This is not just a cookbook, it’s a plain English commentary about how we can take care of ourselves when it comes to what we eat.