Feedback: “…nice way to spend a Sunday morning.”

I had a GREAT time with the Essential Dumplings class at the CAE.   There were 15 very enthusiastic people – men and women from their 20s to 60s.   It was hectic, a little chaotic but energetic.   While I sliced the roast duck,  students introduced themselves and talked about their favorite dumpling restaurants: Hutong Dumpling Bar, Dumpling King, Mahjong were just a few of the names that came up.

Some of the students made very good suggestions – list a few vegetarian recipes as well as other fillings, plus the Asian cole slaw that I mentioned.  I’ve now posted that recipe.

Dumplings, like many other Asian dishes, require alot and I mean alot of chopping.  That is why dumpling making is a group activity.  Throw a dumpling party! Tell your friends to bring their own knife, board and apron and then chop, wrap and eat together.  Cooking and eating together is priceless.