Workshops & Masterclasses


SPECIAL EVENT: YUM CHA FAVORITES at the South Melbourne Market Cooking School  SATURDAY 14 SEP 11AM-3PM  SOLD OUT This hands-on workshop celebrating the Moon Festival is not to be missed. You will start with ready made wrappers, then learn to make the translucent dough from scratch and the various pleating techniques required to prepare a range of yum cha favourites. More details and tickets click here

VEGAN DUMPLING MANIA at the South Melbourne Market Cooking School FRIDAY, 25 OCT 2019 630PM-9PM  Dumplings are for vegans too! In this hands-on class you will discover how to transform a variety of vegetables, tofu, and plant-based mince into delicious dumplings.  You’ll receive 13 pages of detailed recipes, fact sheets and bonus recipes to kickstart your dumpling-making at home. Using ready-made wrappers, there will be three different styles of dumplings, each with a different filling and cooking method.   Enjoy the delicious results with a warm soba noodle, rocket, fennel, edamame and pumpkin seed salad tossed in a ginger, lime, sesame soy dressing. For more info and tickets, click HERE.

2019 RELISH MAMA PRESENTS DUMPLINGS HANDS-ON MASTERCLASS is a great class for people with children or busy with careers. Relish Mama has been voted as one of the best cooking schools in Melbourne. For dates and tickets in October and November 2019 click here



DELUXE DUMPLING MANIA MASTERCLASS is where you’ll learn to make the translucent wrapper which is the basis of many yum cha dumplings, including prawn dumplings (har gow).  We then make the yum cha classic,  the lotus leaf sticky rice parcel (lo mai gai), a delicious siu mai and more. Hands-on learning will ensure you discover your inner dumpling maker.  Take home a generous folder of detailed recipes and fact sheets.  2020 dates to be announced soon.



Disclaimer re food allergies or intolerances: CLICK HERE

To contact me, please use the form below.  Subject to availability, I can conduct private dumpling classes. I no longer offer dumpling classes for children.  Please let me know if you’d like me to phone or email you. A reply will be sent within 24 hours or less.