Information about Dumpling Mania masterclasses and workshops are on this page. I teach at Melbourne’s best cooking schools as well as pop-up locations.  Please contact me here or phone  (04) 1209 5822  between 11am – 5pm

 * * * FEATURED CLASS * * *

SUNDAY 25 NOV  | 11am-3pm

VEGAN DUMPLING MANIA – Special Promo Bring a Friend and save $ 20

You will make and feast upon wontons (using ready-made wrappers) as well as a vegan lotus leaf rice parcel, master the making of the translucent skin from scratch and a yum cha favorite, the spring onion pancake.For info/tickets, click here

=== SEPTEMBER 2018 ===

SUN, 9 SEP | 11am-3pm  


SUNDAY, 23 SEP | 11am-3pm

YUM CHA FAVORITES: Dumplings & More for the Chinese Moon Festival (sold out – contact So Mel Market for waiting list)

Presented by the South Melbourne Market Cooking School, the annual Celebrate the  Moon Festival returns for the 4th year.  We make classic yum cha favorites. Go to South Melbourne Market for tickets and details.

=== OCTOBER 2018 ===

FRI, 5 OCT  |  630pm-930pm 

DUMPLINGS HANDS-ON MASTERCLASS is a great class for people with children or busy with careers. Relish Mama has been voted as one of the best cooking schools in Melbourne. For info/tickets click here

=== NOVEMBER 2018 ===

SUNDAY 11 NOV 2018  |  11am-130pm 

MADE BY YOU-AN INTRODUCTION TO DUMPLINGS is the essential workshop for absolute beginners. Transform the ready-made wonton wrapper into three different dumplings which we boil, steamor deep-fry and served with various sauces. Centre for Adult Education, just a 4 min walk from Flinders St Station. For info/tickets, click here 




Master the essential dumplings wrapped in translucent wrappers that you’ll make from scratch.  Then there’s the lotus leaf wrapped parcel of sticky rice, shiitake pork and more. For info, bring-a-friend discounted ticket and general admission, click here


FAMILY DUMPLING WORKSHOP – organise a group of your family or friends

Tasty dumplings made with your kids is a great way to introduce them to the pleasures of cooking. This hands-on class will be a memorable bonding experience for you and your kids, ages 8-16. (this workshop is only for kids accompanied by an adult).  Get in touch with me if you are interested in organising your own group.

Disclaimer re food allergies or intolerances: CLICK HERE

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