Workshops & Masterclasses

Hello, you’ve come to the right place to discover your inner dumpling maker. I teach at Melbourne’s best cooking schools and pop-up locations.  Questions? please contact me here 

Apologies, I will not be participating in the following classes due to an injury that has affected my mobility.  I’ll be up and about soon with the help of a great physiotherapist 🙂  The websites of these venues may not be updated until after New Years as they are away until then. If you bought tickets, they will be in touch with you.

cancelled 20 Jan – Made By You at the Centre for Adult Education

cancelled 31 Jan – Night Market Series at Neff Kitchen

cancelled 3 Feb – Hands-on Dumpling Masterclass at Relish Mama

har gow close up

CELEBRATE THE DUMPLING  For the 5th year in a row, the South Melbourne Market Cooking School will present a deluxe dumpling masterclass to welcome in the Chinese New Year. There will be a spectacular lion dance, traditional red envelopes and plenty of dumpling making and feasting.  Saturday, 9 Feb 2019. Sold out For info about the waiting list, click here

DELUXE 1.0 DUMPLING MANIA MASTERCLASS is where you’ll learn to make the translucent wrapper for prawn dumplings (har gow) and is the basis of many yum cha delicacies.  We then make the yum cha classic,  the lotus leaf sticky rice parcel (lo mai gai) and more.  Sundays 24 Feb or 17 Mar For more info/tickets, click here

MADE BY YOU: AN INTRODUCTION TO DUMPLINGS  is presented by the Centre for Adult Education, “the CAE”, just minutes from Flinders St Station. This is the essential starting point if you’ve never made dumplings. Using the convenient ready-made wonton wrapper, we’ll pleat, pinch, steam, fry and boil dumplings for your feast. (tip: come hungry). Post poned due to injury For more info/tickets, click here

2019 RELISH MAMA PRESENTS DUMPLINGS HANDS-ON MASTERCLASS is a great class for people with children or busy with careers. Relish Mama has been voted as one of the best cooking schools in Melbourne. For dates, info & tickets click here


VEGAN DUMPLING MANIA  is where you learn to transform Asian and other vegetables into dumplings using the versatile wonton wrapper, and more.  You will receive 13 pages including recipes we make in class. fact sheets and 4 bonus recipes. This workshop takes place at Made in Japan Homewares space, a warehouse showroom with an inspiring artisan ambiance. Sunday, 3 Mar 2019 | 11am-3pm For info/tickets, click here

Disclaimer re food allergies or intolerances: CLICK HERE

To contact me, please use the form below.  Subject to availability, I can conduct private dumpling classes. I no longer offer dumpling classes for children.  Please let me know if you’d like me to phone or email you. A reply will be sent within 24 hours or less.