Workshops & Masterclasses

A CHINESE NEW YEAR DUMPLING FEAST at the South Melbourne Market Cooking School  SATURDAY 1 FEB 2020  11AM-3PM   Celebrate the Year of the Rat by making your own delicious dumplings. In this fun, hands-on workshop you will make a range of dumplings in various wrappers: ginger prawn and pork dumplings in ready-made wonton wrappers, deep fried and then steamed with lashings of ginger infused sauce; savoury and aromatic lotus leaf parcels of sticky rice and morsels of lap cheong (Chinese sausage), chicken, pork, baby shrimp and shiitake; steamed crystal har gow dumplings with prawns, bamboo shoots, with hand-made translucent wrappers; and, also using hand hand-made translucent wrappers, pan-fried jade dumplings filled with garlic chives.  Enjoy the feast with flavourful dipping sauces. In the spirit of Chinese tradition, Lou will be presenting red envelopes as a gift for an auspicious start to your year of dumpling making. For more info and tickets, click HERE.

MADE BY YOU: AN INTRO TO DUMPLINGS    SUNDAY 23 FEB 11AM-130 PM Wontons are all about creating delicious taste sensations, quickly – for almost instant meals or frozen for your convenience. In this session with Lou Wong, create and feast on steamed, boiled and fried dumplings, making use of the conveniently, ready-made wrappers. Lou delivers on taste with classic siu mai – pork, prawn, shitake open top dumpling served with hot English mustard and soy sauce; Chinese 5 spice beef wonton served with a spicy sweet chilli sauce; and delicious “moneybags” – using wonton wrappers filled with mixed vegetable and deep-fried.  For more info and tickets, click HERE

RELISH MAMA PRESENTS DUMPLINGS HANDS-ON MASTERCLASS IN 2020 Master the art of the dumpling with a hands-on masterclass. You will create a variety of dumplings to be boiled, fried and steamed. Learn how to prepare sensational fillings including how to blend by hand and how to correctly prepare the siu mai pork (cannot use mince!), then ‘thrown’ to make them sticky. You’ll learn the techniques of making three different dumpling shapes. Bonus – there’s also tips on freezing and making them into your own freezer-friendly fast food. Relish Mama has been voted as one of the best cooking schools in Melbourne. For more info click here





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To contact me, please use the form below.  Subject to availability, I can conduct private dumpling classes. I no longer offer dumpling classes for children.  Please let me know if you’d like me to phone or email you. A reply will be sent within 24 hours or less.